The Ministry of of Science, Technology and Innovation (MOSTI) is the patron of the UNESCO Malaysia National Committee of Science (JKTS). The network under JKTS is as follows:

  • National Bioethics Council; and
  • International Science, Technology and Innovation Centre for South-South Cooperation under the Auspices of UNESCO (ISTIC)

Among the areas of JKTS’s responsibilities are:

  1. Reviewed all UNESCO activities and policies related to science and submit proposals;
  2. To effectively implement UNESCO policies in the field of JKKT and report to Suruhanjaya Kebangsaan UNESCO Malaysia (SKUM);
  3. Prepared and submit progress reports at the SKUM Meeting;
  4. Carried out activities as directed by the SKUM from time to time;
  5. Identified and mobilize national institutions in relation to scientific research, especially research institutions and universities;
  6. Disseminated information on relevant subsidiary organ programs;
  7. To regularly designing forums to assist dissemination of information between UNESCO as well as interested national institutions;
  8. Helps in establishing a network of national investigations; and
  9. To assists in obtaining funds from national bodies, or ministries related to research, education, science and technology, social development, foreign affairs and others

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