Higher Education


The Permanent Sub-Committee for Higher Education was established on 1 August 2005 under the Ministry of Higher Education. It is responsible to review and to coordinate UNESCO related programs and activities under the capacity of higher education. In order to realize the agenda of internationalization of higher education, this permanent sub-committee plays the following roles:


  1. directly involved in the programs and activities organized by UNESCO and its subsidiaries;
  2. dissemination of information related to the programs/ projects under UNESCO to higher education institutions in Malaysia;
  3. coordinate UNESCO-related issues related to higher education such as learning, teaching, research and management;
  4. increase the participation of public lecturers/ officers in any seminars, conferences, meetings, joint venture projects and research projects with fundings from UNESCO and its subsidiaries; and
  5. manage and participate in meetings of Permanent Sub-Committee, Malaysian National Commission for UNESCO (SKUM):
  6. Permanent Sub-Committee for Higher Education Meeting; and
  7. Other Permanent Sub-Committee meetings under the SKUM.


Previously anchored by the International Relations Division, Ministry of Higher Education, the Permanent Sub-Committee For Education (Higher Education) is now under the responsibility of Department of Higher Education.