02 Jul

Official Launching Ceremony of the UNESCO Clubs and Model United Nations(MUN)

Date: 1 MARCH 2019


Time: 9.00 am


The Launch of UNESCO Club and Model United Nations (MUN) for schools and institutions of higher education is officiated by the Honourable Minister of Education, Dr Maszlee bin Malik. The event serves as the platform to inform and encourage government schools as well as institutions of higher learning to establish the UNESCO Club and participate in activities under the Model United Nations (MUN), following Dr Maszlee’s speech during the UNESCO Day Celebration in Ipoh, Perak on the 28 September 2018.

The aims of UNESCO Club are as follows:

  1. to develop and nurture leaders amongst students;
  2. to improve the skills for planning and executing programs;
  3. to develop problem solving, effective discussion and communication skills;
  4. to foster tolerance, empathy, team work, respect for differences and sense of responsibility towards the surrounding and well-being of others;
  5. to develop human capital who is sensitive towards current issues affecting community, national and international levels;
  6. to nurture understanding, teamwork and universal peace at the community, national and international levels; and
  7. to create awareness towards human rights, Global Citizenship Education (GCED), Education for Sustainability (ESD) and Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) in line with the aspiration of UNESCO and the Malaysian Education Blueprint 2013-2025.


Currently, there are 20 secondary schools and 22 institutions of higher learning that have established the UNESCO club.

Meanwhile, MUN is a simulation exercise that mirrors meetings at various levels at the United Nations such as the UN General Conference or the UN Security Council. MUN provides the opportunity for students to role play as delegates or representative of various countries through activities such as meetings, debates, discussion and writing of resolutions.

The promotion on the establishment of UNESCO Club and MUN in schools and higher learning institutions also strengthens the country’s commitment towards the achievement of UNESCO’s initiatives internationally.


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