07 Jan

Global Globin 2020 Challenge Meeting and Conference 2019

Global globin 2020 Challenge (GG2020) is a project under the Human Variome Project (HVP) initiative as a global effort to collect, consolidate and compile genomic data, clinical differences and individual phenotypes of diseases from all ethnic groups around the world and allow this information to be used for all. For the year 2019, GG2020 conference was held at the UNESCO headquarters in Paris. It was jointly organised with Professor Dr. Jacques Elion from Paris Diderot University Medical School. The conference was hosted by Malaysian Ministry of Education and the committee members were from Universiti Sains Malaysia, Malaysian Node of the Human Variome Project (MyHVP), Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, International Islamic University Malaysia, Ministry of Health Malaysia, and The Cyprus Institute of Neurology and Genetics (CING).
The conference was officiated by GG2020 advisor, Dr Hamidah Mat. The conference attracted 80 participants. The scientific programme was successfully organised with one workshop, one keynote lecture, four plenary lectures and eight symposiums. There were also three pre-conference meetings held which were HVP Board of Director Meeting, ClinGen Panel Expert Meeting and GG2020 Closed-door Meeting. In addition, 19 posters and nine free oral papers was registered for presentations.
All the GG2020 country representatives who attended the closed-door meeting have agreed that GG2020 will be rebranded, and its name changed to Global Globin Network. The next meeting and conference for 2020 will be held in Cairo, Egypt and chaired by Professor Dr Ghada el-Kamah from Human Genetics and Genome Research Division, National Research Centre, Egypt. Professor Dr Zilfalil Alwi from Malaysian Node Human Variome Project, was appointed as the co-chairman.

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