On 1st June, 2007, Malaysia has officially become a member of the 52th global network of national Geoparks which thus recognize Langkawi as one of the geopark sites in the world. Located in northern Peninsular Malaysia in the state of Kedah, it is formed by the combination of 99 magical islands that adds the uniqueness to Langkawi Archipelago. The total area of the Langkawi Geopark is about 478 square kilometres.

• Endorsed for its natural beauty, ecological harmony and archaeological, geological and cultural significance.

“A Geoforest park is a special conservation area within a Permanent reserved Forest in Langkawi Geopark with outstanding geological and biological resources, where protection and wise utilisation of these resources are geared towards sustainable recreation, promoting multidisciplinary research, and enriching community awareness about the natural integration of various forest resources”.
Mohd Shafeea Leman et.al. 2007,

LESTARI Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia